Top 10 job skills of Tomorrow

Top 10 job skills of Tomorrow

We will be covering the top skills required to excel in your career.

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In today's world, where every day there is new opportunity blooming, there also comes increasing competition. To ace this race, and be more creative as well as productive in our work-life, we need some additional support. Now, this additional support comes with building some extra skills. These basic skills works for almost all domains.

Let's dive into learning about it

  1. Critical Thinking
    Employees need to be open-minded. They need to be able to objectify and evaluate the right information among a bunch of fake news or rumours and also figure the way to deliver the same to the organization. They need to be in position to figure out the positives and negative by applying their logic and reasoning to the facts and situation.

  2. Creativity
    Employees having being able to figure a different yet creative approach to a given problem is always a added advantage. Thinking beyond the box is something every company looks for.

  3. Coordination
    Being able to mix-up along with other people, collaborating and working together requires building of interpersonal skills. This shows how well are you at interacting with people and how you can handle and get through different circumstances.

  4. Problem Solving
    Being able to solve any problem at any given point and giving a logical or practical solution. This skills requires to brainstorm ideas by looking at the bigger picture of the problem while remembering and going through the minor details as well.

  5. Emotional Intelligence
    This is where humans have an edge over machines. Employees who can analyze and respond with their emotions shows their ability when it comes to social interactions on how they control and express their emotions, going through different complexities.

  6. Decision Making
    There is a strong need for employees in a company when it comes to decision making. The ability to come to a decision which effects a broader set of people and the business while considering all the inputs is a big responsibility. The tests the morale of the employee and also the responsibility he takes considering all the profits and losses the company gets to face following a decision.

  7. Negotiation
    Negotiation is a skill where you stand out from the crowd creating your own space while satisfying your requirements along with other's, not compromising on anything to do a fair job. It's a skill to know how to negotiate with your colleagues, clients, managers. It showcases your interpersonal skills.

  8. Flexibility
    This develops with every new skill you start building, working on different aspects of a domain. Start thinking of different ideas to a problem, this will soon help you think out of the box. Expand your interests, this will help build your creative side. Step out of your comfort zone.

  9. Communication
    This can be verbal or written. Communication is not always about delivering some content, it's also about listening and considering what others have to tell you. It's so important to listen carefully, and patiently and understand what the other person has to tell you. Start being more empathetic and non-judgemental while you listen. Written communication involves writing emails, drafts or even whatsapp messages. It needs to be clear, concise and without any errors. Verbal communication is how clearly can you deliver your message without being misinterpreted. This is most likely considered while hiring. Therefore, it's so important to be clear and concise in delivering your content. People who fail to do this, have a hard-time moving ahead in their work-life.

  10. Self management
    The final and most important skill includes self motivation, time management, stress management, prioritization, adapting changes and acceptability. It's main focus is to experiment and learn from every possible outcome to have a mindset of growth and prosper.


Like every other skill, even these take time and patience. It requires practice. It depends on how you behave with your peers, on your participations in public talks and your reading habits. Working on both your soft-skills and hard-skills is important. Have a learning mentality always. The more you start understanding the outer-world soon, the better your understanding and focus gets.

Wrapping Up

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